Vikings '97

July 20 to 27

Krampmacken being rowed at Plymouth

Krampmacken and Heimlösa Rus

The two English ships. Sae Wylfing being the bigger one.

The Saxon Feast in Tavistock Pannier Market

Ebbtide at Plymouth

6 hours later. Water 5 m higher.

Krampmacken being unloaded in Plymouth

Viking wariors prepared for battle.

After the fight.

Viking warriors

Krampmacken at the battle in Tavistock

Krampmacken at the square in Lydford

"Erik the Red" making a new runestone at Lydford

"Erik the Red" consecrates his new runstone by pouring mead over it

The new runestone at The Hoe in Plymouth.

The stone have been given by 5 Nordic countries as a gift to Plymouth.
Made by Magnus Krog Andersen (Standing beside his stone)

Finnish singers singing old Karelian songs.

Cooking food at Mt Edgcumbe, Plymouth.

Grilling sheep at Lydford

Smith at work

The TV-weatherforcasts being sent from Krampmacken

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