Year of the Viking on Gotland

The opening ceremony on Friday, February 25, 2005 started with the first bonfire lit on Grogarnsberget by Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, followed by the lighting of bonfires around the entire coast of Gotland.

Here is the bonfire at Hus fishing harbour.
The bonfires were used as a warning system in old times.

The bonfire at Hus was lit when the bonfire at Kapellet was observed.
Here the bonfire at Kapellet is seen in the distance (10 km away).

On February 25, 2005 there was also a viking wedding performed at Lojsta Slott.
In the year 1019 Jaroslav of Novgorod married princess Ingegerd, the daughter of the Swedish king Olof.
Nobody knows but maybe it did take place on Gotland as a neutral country between Sweden and Russia.

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