Viking Sail 2000

THE VIKING TRAIL TOURISM ASSOCIATION ("the VTTA") organizes a sail of Viking replica ships in and around northern Newfoundland and Labrador in association with the Vikings 1000 Years tourism event in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador (the "Viking Sail").

The event is the 1000 years celebration of the Viking Leif Ericsson arrivival to North America in the year 1000 AD.

The "Krampmacken" at Red Bay in Labrador or "Markland".

The "Mjøsen Lange" sailing into Red Bay.

The Viking ship "Norsemen", the "Krampmacken", the "Viking Saga" and the "Tälja" at Red Bay.

The crew saw a lot of whales and an iceberg. Here is a whale just ahead of Krampmacken.

The 1000 years celebration of Leif Ericsson's arrival to Vinland at "Viking Sail 2000"
The viking ship flotilla sailing into L'anse aux Meadows on July 28 2000
About 17 000 people were watching at the shore together with TV

Here "Krampmacken" with the Icelandic ship the "Islendingur"

"Krampmacken" taking down it's sail.

The crew of Krampmacken delivered a new picturestone
to the Norstead site as a gift.
Here with Dotes from Krampmacken.

It was carried on the Viking ship wagon
Dotes and Olle Hoffman.

The Norwegians did give away a runestone as a gift.
Here is the creators Arne Larsen and Ingrid Paulsrud at the left.

Norwegian musicians played at the ceremony.

A bigger runestone was ordered to the Norstead site
The creator is Kalle Runristare.

Here is the black smith Bjarne at work at his tent

Here is the crew of Krampmacken that did go to "Vinland" or Newfoundland at their ship.
From the left standing: Ivar Larsson, Olle Hoffman, Kjell Jakobsson, Ulf Tyrefors, Christer Algotsson,
Dotes, Sören Gannholm, Raymond Hejdström.
From the left sitting: Dan Lundgren, Bjarne Abrahamsson, Bitte Hejdström, Anders Sandgren, Dan Andersson
Sven Bendelin is missing though.

The Norstead site.

The church at Norstead.

Things are being fixed at the camp.

The captain of the Glad is sewing his sails.

A wagon to transpotate the ship on land is being
constructed by the Crew of the Viking ship Aifur.

A marriage ceremony was performed onboard the Viking ship Orm.

A Viking king at his tent and a slave holding up a painting.
The painting has been given as a gift to Norstead from the Scandinavian Viking ships crews.

The Vikingship Thor Viking being rowed out.

A Candlestick for the church that was given away by the Krampmacken crew
and that was made by the blacksmith Bjarne Abrahamsson.

A Kubb game set was also given away by the Krampmacken crew

The reenactors at Norstead are playing Kubb.

The Viking ship Aifur at it's wagon.

Viking warriors at battle.

The Viking ship "Tälja" at Quirpon Island off Shore L'Anse aux Meadows.

The Viking ship "Aifur".

The Viking ship "Snorri" and the "Norsemen"

The Viking ships at anchor off shore Norstead.

Inside the Longhouse.

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