Krampmacken will participate in the theatre "Ormkvinnans barn" The Snakewoman's Child Opening Night July 14 in När parish, at the mouth of Närsån stream. The drama is based on Dagmar Edqvist's novel "The Man from the Sea" that takes place in the mid-900s in a time of transition between belief in the Aesir cult and Christianity.

The story got it's name from the picture stone that was found not far from the amphitheatre.
It's probably the Mother goddess, a cult that is older than the Aesir cult.

The new amphitheatre at the mouth of Närsån stream (summer 2005)

The amphitheatre with the Närsån stream and the Baltic in the background (winter 2005).

Houses used in the play. One with missing walls so the audience can look inside it.

The Krampmacken will participate. Here at the mouth of the Närsån stream.

Horses are also used in the play.

A view of the place.

The story

The story is about a farm ruled by a woman (Audun) and where people worship the Mother goddess.
Audun is a widow and she has a daughter (Gunlaug) that has married a man (Övind) whose father (Kolbein) is a fanatic Aesir believer.
Övind has sailed to Miklagård but has not returned in four years.
Becuase all did think he was dead he was then declared as dead at the thing (court) and Gunlaug as a widow.
Meanwhile a man (Ingolf) had survived a shipwreck at the coast and he did stay at the farm. Ingolf and Gunlaug did fall in love and was married.
But Övind was not dead. One day he returned......
Övind had learned about mercy in Miklagård although not yet a Christian.
His brother Ottar was however a fanatic Aesir beliver as their father....
So it's also about honour murder in the viking age.

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