Viking festival in 2001 at Skråvika close to Stavern in Norway

The festival was held not far from what is believed to be the first town in Norway.
The place called Kaupang is here being excavated and dated to about 800 AD.

Krampmacken visited the festival together with other ships.
Here is The Visund in the foreground and The Gaia and
The Hvidfamne behind on the right side of quay.
The Krampmacken in the background

To the far left is The Krampmacken and close to it is The "Mjøsen Lange"

A lot of handicrafts were created and sold at the market.
Here is glass pearls being made.

Viking warriors were in action.

And the reason for the fight.

Also a wedding was performed. Here the bride drinks from the horn.

One of the priests is sacrificing the mead and the ceremony is watched
by the life guard (from Poland).

At Stavern in Norway there was also a re-enactment of a sea battle that took place more recently.
In 1715 a Danish-Norwegian fleet was fighting against some Swedish ships that hade overtaken a Norwegian fortress.

The Danish-Norwegian fleet start fireing.

A ship boat that was about to land troops was hit by the Swedish fireings.

Norwegian troops carried to the shore.

Troops were landed and started fight the fortress back to the Norwegians.

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