Föreningen Krampmackarna

(The Krampmacken Association)

Föreningen Krampmackarna (The Krampmacken Association) was founded in 1989 by the members of the expedition to Miklagård (Istanbul) in 1983-1985, The purpose was to take care of the Viking ship Krampmacken. The Viking ship Krampmacken did then participates in different Viking events. In July 1996 we did participate when the king of Sweden consecrated the new museum at Birka in Lake Mälaren close to Stockholm. In 1997 we were invited to Vikings 97 at Tavistock/Plymouth England.
In July-August 2000 Krampmacken participates in the 1000 years celebration "Viking Sail 2000" of the Viking Leif Ericsson's discovery of North America.
In July 2001 The Krampmacken visited a Viking festival in Skråvika close to Stavern not far from Larvik in Norway.
Exercises 2003.
Unfortunately The Krampmacken had to withdraw it's participation in The Rurik 2003 project in St Petersburg. A few of the Krampmacken crew did go to St Petersburg anyway.

Krampmacken is being fixed (and tared) May 2000
as a preparation for the journey to Canada.

The Krampmacken crew on the1000 years celebration of Leif Ericsson's arrival to Vinland "Viking Sail 2000"

Krampmacken in Hultsfred 2007

2005 was the Year of the Viking on Gotland and many events will take place at different places on Gotland.

Krampmacken will participate in the theatre "Ormkvinnans barn" The Snakewoman's Child

More from Year of the Viking on Gotland 2005

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