Play the Kubb game in the web browser

And you will learn the rules of the Kubb game.

If you cannot drag the lower baton (the six rectangles in the upper left corner) then you probably need to download the plugins for Flash 5. Download Macromedia Shockwave here

Just play the game, it will tell you how to do.
To drag the baton: Point at the baton with the mouse and press the mouse button, then drag the mouse. Position it behind your baseline. Release the mouse button.
To shoot: Press the mouse button and then the spacebar.
Keep the spacebar pressed and drag the mouse (with the mouse button pressed) backwards. Now you will be able to shoot.
Release the spacebar. Click here to view a demo

Notice: Should the team fail to knock down all field kubbs the opponent team is to throw from an imagined line through the kubb closest to the midline.

You throw at the king from your own baseline.

The baton in the real Kubb game will be thrown as in the picture below.
In the computer version you will "throw" or shoot like in the demo.

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Created by Sören Gannholm