The Churches of Gotland


The mighty gallery tower dominates the exterior of the church. It was begun at the middle of the 13 th century but was brought up to its full height only at the end of the century. Nave and chancel were built at the beginning of the same century. The mid column capital shows an ornamenticclosely connected with that on the pillar capitals in the chancel of St Mary in Visby, and also other details indicate a West -phalian master builder. In the southern wall of the tower is an inclusorium (see Atlingbo). Note the wall cupboard in the apse with richly caned doors from about 1300. The well preserved baptismal font by "Majestatis" has belonged to a totally disappeared 12 th century church. Under the doormat in the chancel lies the remarkable tombstone over Peter Harding, leader of the Gotlandic farmers in the war between the city and the countryside in 1288.

Photo Hans Hemlin

Text Dr. Bengt G Söderberg


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