The Churches of Gotland


There was a church with an apse here in the 12th century. The great Gothic rebuilding began soon after the middle of the thirteenth century with the choir, which, judging from the, for Gotland unique, portal, was built by a Westphalian master builder. The sculptures representing the blessing Christ, a lion and a lizard seem to originate from the old choir. About 1280 the building enterprise proceeded with the nave and the big gallery tower with its inclusorium The ornamentation of the nave portal is, too, a rare apparition in the Gotlandic early Gothic. In both portals some original paint is left. Most of the mural paintings were made about 1300 by the same master as at Sanda; we meet also here with a copy of the weighing of Emperor Henry's soul in Vamlingbo. Further there is a passion frieze by the "Passion master" from the 15th century and in the choir a fragmentary decoration (St George) from the beginning of the 16th century. In the northern choir wall there is a cupboard with a profiled stone framework and the pictures of St. Catherine and St James the elder. On the inside of the doors there are well preserved paintings representing St Peter, St Paul and two other saints, probably executed about 1280 by the master of the apostles in Lärbro. The baptismal font is a work by master "Majestatis".

Photo Hans Hemlin

Text Dr. Bengt G Söderberg


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