The Churches of Gotland


The main art-historic attractions of the church are the reliefs from an 12th century church preserved in the south facade of the present building from the late 13th century. Contrary to what commonly is the case with such reliefs having been "taken care of", most of them have been placed in a regular frieze under the eaves as they were in the original church. They have been attributed to master "Byzantios". To the oldest church belonged also the singulary well-preserved font, one of the foremost works of the "Hegwald group". The fundaments of the church were found under the floor. The tower was added to it about 1200, a very common proceeding. In the choir is a painted series of apostles from the 14th century. In the altar piece from the 18th century some figures and other details from a retable from about 1400 have been put into a new framework. The pews, mostly from the 17th century, ought to be noted especially because of the painted decorations.

Photo Hans Hemlin

Text Dr. Bengt G Söderberg


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