The Churches of Gotland


The nave and the mighty tower were erected at the middle of the 14th century by "Egypticus" into a Romanesque apsidial choir, which owing to fissures in the masonry was totally rebuilt in the 1860:ies, principally in its original shape. The marvel of the church are the magnificent portal and the huge reliefs placed unto it. The mounting of the portal is, however, a work done in haste, as can be seen from several details, for instance the truncate gargoyls, which must have been intended for a tower. The high reliefs, in which "Egypticus" has given the drastic as well as the monumental qualities of his art full play, are fragments presumably of a giant frieze, projected for a great, unknown church; a theory of their having been intended for the western tower wall here in Stånga is not very convincing. The Holy Rood is reinstalled in the chancel arch, resting on a caned pedestal as was the arrangement in the 13th century. The baptismal font is one of the best in the "Hegwald"-group. Enclosed in the altar piece from 1690 is a medieval procession crucifix.

Photo Hans Hemlin

Text Dr. Bengt G Söderberg


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