The Churches of Gotland


Of a church from about 1200 the vaultless nave and the tower remain. When the tower arch was widened in the mid-thirteenth century it was provided with an unusually magnificent decoration in an enriched ashlar pattern. Beneath it the chalice-like 13th century font has regained its original place. At the middle of the 14th century a new choir was built in the style of "Egypticus"; the sculptor responsible for the portal has, however, with poor success tried to emulate the splendid portal sculpture of the neighbouring church Martebo. St Paul, perhaps the patron of the church, is represented in a painting on the south wall of the choir. The other paintings are executed by the "Passion master" in the 15th century. Unusual for him is the very comprehensive representation of the Last Judgement on the northern choir wall.

Photo Hans Hemlin

Text Dr. Bengt G Söderberg


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