The Churches of Gotland


Of the oldest church, that according to a painted inscription in the chancel, was dedicated to St Nicolas in 121 1, the chancel and part of the nave remain. Originally there was an apse, the fundaments of which can be seen on the ground outside. The present nave was built about 1300, when the western part of the old nave was pulled down; in connection with the rebuilding the two Gothic portals were put in. On the northern wall there is a suite of Romanesque paintings, which were damaged already when the vestry door was broken up about 1300, and at the restoration in 1908 they were extensively completed. Besides the paintings in Mästerby they are the only Romanesque paintings in West-European style preserved in the isle. The altar piece with paintings on the outside of the wings is a Gotlandic work from the beginning of the 16 th century and as such a rarity. The Rood dates from the second part of the 13th century. Part of a stunted choir-stall stands at the northern wall, and fragmentary planks from its back-panel with a painted series of saints have been taken to the Visby museum.

Photo Hans Hemlin

Text Dr. Bengt G Söderberg


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