The Churches of Gotland


Graves from the first Christian times found in the churchyard indicate that there was a church here in the 11th century. The oldest part of the present church is the chancel, from the early 12th century, which was enlarged with a blind-arcaded apse about 1200, and at the same time the nave was built. The portal of the chancel was put in later: it has sculptures by "Calcarius" (see Fole). As is evident from an arched moulding on the south facade the nave originally was lower. The gallery tower was erected in the mid-thirteenth century. The only survivals of medieval art in the interior are a fragmentary ornament in the northern apse window in the style of the Garde paintings and an angel from a Visitation group, now crowning the baldachin of the pulpit. The vault of the tower chamber was decorated in 1692.

Photo Hans Hemlin

Text Dr. Bengt G Söderberg


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