The Churches of Gotland


The church was homogeneously built in the second quarter of the 13 th century. The mural paintings are of special interest. The mid column and an the chancel windows are decorated in imitation of ashlars in different colours and the vaults with powerful ornaments recalling ironwork like the paintings of Halvard in Anga; these ornaments are connected with the building of the church. On the north wall of the chancel there are elegantly drawn Trees of Life and figures, the former from about 1250, the latter from about 1300. Comtemporary with these are the Weighing of the soul of Henry II beside the pulpit (an imitation of the big painting by the "Michael master" in Vamlingbo) and the Coronation of the Virgin on the north side of the rood arch. Over the chancel entrance is an epitaph, dated 1603. The pulpit was made in 1619 but painted a hundred years later.

Photo Hans Hemlin

Text Dr. Bengt G Söderberg


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