The Churches of Gotland


With the exception of the lower part of the tower the church is a homogeneously early Gothic building with a remarkable rich and plastic ornamentation on the portal capitals. The interior, one of the most beautiful in Gotland, is free and lofty with high vaults spanning from wall to wall. Several periods, independent of each other, have contributed to the decoration and furnishing. Thus, the mural paintings are from different periods: the big, sharply outlined apostle figures date from about 1280, the series by the "Passion master" from about 1450, the flowers in urns beneath from the eartly 17th century, the draperies round pulpit and the chancel windows from the age of rococo. The pews were installed at the end of the 17th century and painted in 1743. The pulpit, again a descendant from St Mary in Visby, is dated 1741. The paintings inside the big wall cupboard in the chancel-Christ enthroned, the Calvary and the Adoration of the magi - are contemporary with the apostle series. On the north chancel wall hangs an artistically prominent crucifix from the end of the 12th century which has belonged to the older church; it has some connection with the master of the Viklau Virgin. To that church belonged, too, the badly weatherworn font.

Photo Hans Hemlin

Text Dr. Bengt G Söderberg


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