The Churches of Gotland


In proportions the church makes a homogeneous impression, but the Romanesque chancel portal and the richly decorated Gothic portal of the nave mark two stages in the construction of the church during the 13th century. The tower seems never to have been erected to full height. In the interior some fragments of murals are showing under the coat of plaster, some of them-in the rood arch and behind the pulpit-could be attributed to the "Michael master" and dated about 1260-70, others are the work of the "Passion master" from the 15th century. He has painted the scene just beside the entrance, showing the edifying tale of the women chatting in church during divine service: their indiscretions are being reported to the Devil, who makes his annotations. The altar piece is painted by the city painter of Visby, Johan Bartsch (who decorated the Burmeister house) in 1669. The pulpit was made in 1722 and painted in 1744.

Photo Hans Hemlin

Text Dr. Bengt G Söderberg


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