The Churches of Gotland


The tower from about 1200 is the oldest part of the little church; it belonged to a l 2th century church, now disappeared with the exception of the chancel portal with its old fashioned reliefs, difficult to interpret. The colourful interior is almost entirely the result of a "restoration" in 1900-02, directed by Axel Herman Haig (Hägg) born at Katthamra manor in the parish of Östergarn, Gotland, where he later often had his summer dwelling; otherwise he lived in England and was internationally famous for his masterly etchings with great European cathedrals as principal motives. The wall paintings are mostly made after his sketches. Original paintings reduce themselves to the ornamental foliage in the choir vault from about 1600. In the mid window of the choir are three stained glass panels from the 1 4th century. The others were put in at the restoration. The retable on the altar is a Gotlandic piece of work from the 14th century; Rarer in Gotland are such late Gothic works as the statue of the Virgin from about 1500. The rood is a Gotlandic work from the middle of the 13th century.

Photo Hans Hemlin

Text Dr. Bengt G Söderberg


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