The Churches of Gotland


The oldest church had an unvaulted nave but got in the early 13th century vaults supported by columns and a tower with a portal obviously inspired by the west portal, of the church of St. Mary in Visby. The south portal has preserved very ancient capitals reminding of those in Ala. In about 1300 the Gothic chancel with a sumptuous portal was erected. Note the fine stained glass windows in the chancel;in stylistic correspondence with these are the paintings on the inside of the doors of the wall cupboard in the choir, representing the Annunciation. Of roughly the same date; 1300, are some wooden figures from a destroyed retable, including a Christ of the Resurrection. The Holy Rood a singulary fine and well preserved work in French Rhinelandish style by the master of the famous Viklau madonna (ca 1170), belonged to the old church and so did the font. The pulpit, among the older ones in Got land, is dated 1586 but was painted later. The joiner John Dunderhake and the painter Magnus Möller from Visby made the altar piece in 1759.

Photo Hans Hemlin

Text Dr. Bengt G Söderberg


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